Testimonials From Our Students and Their Parents

Isaiah loves the school. The staff and instructors are all caring, involved, and well-rounded. I couldn’t ask for a better team or family. We all love American TKA.

- Isaiah’s mom (Yanneth Brand)

We love TKA and would recommend it to anyone. I have 2 boys that go to TKA, and one of my boys has attended several summer camps and after-school programs. He was somewhat labeled the “troublemaker”. His self-esteem was low and he continued to get in trouble constantly. When we started at TKA he was still in trouble frequently, then less frequently, and now over a year later- almost never. He is given structure, opportunities to be a leader, self-confidence, etc. He loves it. The staff is wonderful and my children have thrived. My boys also have ADHD, so the structure has been vital to their success. Thank you Master G. We consider you guys a part of the family!!

- Braden and Tyler’s mom (Candice Davitt)

I have been very impressed with American TKA since I had my children attend here. It has been a great experience and education for them and I have definitely seen a lot of improvement in both their discipline and physical well-being. The staff is very courteous and informative and I would recommend them to anyone that wants their child to gain self-confidence and physical abilities.

- Kaitlyn and Michael Burkhardt’s dad (Scott Burkhardt)

Yonatan has been with TKA for 1 1/2 Years. He is being picked up from school for aftercare every day and can stay until 6:30 pm or later on some days, they are open and provide service on days off from school & half days which is very convenient for me and my husband because we are full-time working parents. Yonatan started out with the regular class of taekwondo that is provided daily. after a few months, we begged to take MMA as well. after the first year, he was excepted into the Black belt club which he loves. Yonatan never wants to come home when we pick him up its always; “1 more minute mom”. This year he asked to add Jujitsu as well which he loves and can't stop talking about. he loves his masters, dojos & instructors. We love the way that Master G. runs the program and how they are being taught not to Bully or how to respect others and themselves. The summer camp is amazing as well every day is something else and the kids love it! Yonatan has grown so much since he has been there and I have only good things to say! I recommend American TKA to anyone Girls boys and adults of all ages, The Facility is clean, safe, and organized.
Thank you for letting us be a part of the TKA Family.
- Michal C Angel Family

My son started here at American TKA for Summer Camp and loves it! My son's attitude has improved since the second week of camp. Now, he is looking forward to continuing here in the after-school program. Thank you.
- Cabrera Family

We ended up at this school by a “happy happenstance” and have not looked back since! The management is friendly and helpful, and the instruction and support our son has received have been top-grade. We also enjoy the diversity of the school's attendance.
- Heywood Family

My husband and I are delighted about American TKA. Our kids enjoy the summer camp and our son is now a green belt and loves martial arts. All the instructors are great! As a parent, you can tell the instructors enjoy what they do and are good at it. The administration is accessible at all times and that makes me trust them even more. I would recommend TKA to anyone as I have done it and will continue to do it.
- Tourino-Family

I have recommended this school to a lot of parents already. My child was very shy and nervous but since starting TKA Martial Arts he has got so much confidence and wakes up every morning excited about going to school. All the staff are extremely helpful and approachable and have always been willing to discuss any concerns in a kind, caring manner. In summary, TKA Martial Arts is an amazing school. To me, that says it all.
- Glenny Salas Mother

American TKA Martial Arts Program is doing wonders for our children physically & mentally. Our youngest 3 yr old just started (Little Tigers TKD) & we are very pleased with how they interact & make martial arts fun/exciting for the young ones. Everyone at American TKA welcomes you with open arms. Our family would recommend American TKA to everyone. Thank you American TKA.

- Teixeira Family Mother

Estoy muy contenta con el programa de after care. Es muy organizado y estructurado. Mi hijo adquirio una disciplina increible desde que entro al programa, al igual que una excelente condicion fisica. El personal es muy atento e amable con los ninos y padres. Tambien ofrecen clases para los adultos en las cuales participio y disfruto a la vez que ejercito mi cuerpo. Ya vamos para nuestro segundo ano en el programa el cual recomiendo con ojos cerrados.

- Lyan Cruz Mother/Student

Best after-school program ever!! The staff truly cares about the kids and it is such a loving environment. Ms. Natalie is simply the best! She always helps when you have a question or anything. Master G. is great too! Even though he is the owner, he is always there and ALWAYS involved. You can tell he doesn’t do this for the money, he is passionate about the program! Hopefully, my daughter will continue to grow here for years and years with this TKA family!!

- Lashay Solivera Mother

We are so happy about all the positive changes that have come about in the few months. The foundation of the program truly seems to be based on respect and integrity. Master G. and the staff are always kind and very approachable. Joseph is much happier and so are we!! Thank you!!

- Elizabeth Hennings Mother

I couldn’t be happier with the school. The instructors and staff are all wonderful, caring, and exceptional. My son would sleep there if he could!

- Yanneth Brand Mother

I am so grateful for American TKA. I put 100% trust in the staff to not only teach my daughter the sport of Martial Arts but to teach her important elements of life and to show her love. Not only am I satisfied with the above, but the overall professionalism of this school impresses me. Master Ginarte is a great leader and has an excellent team working with him.

- Natalia Sanchez – Lea Sanchez’s Mother

I made the best choice to send Yonaton here. He loves it here and practices his moves all day at home. I know he is not easy but you have shown me how great you are in taking care of him and teaching him the values of respect and honesty. Thank you. Hoping he will be here for many years to come.

- Michal Angel –Mother

You guys are truly amazing! Not only have you taught my son self-control, but you have also shown me to never lose hope and to have more patience. Before TKA my son was in trouble at school on a daily basis and there was constant arguing at home. Now he is doing remarkable in school and is very respectful at home. He even helps with chores with no problems. Thank you!!

- Louise Garay –Mother

As a parent, you often wonder if there will ever be a point in time when your child has to apply the techniques that he has learned from his TKA instructors. A few weeks ago, a 5th-grade neighbor (10-year-old) challenged my 2nd-grade son, to a “fight” over a petty issue. While I did not witness what occurred, I was told by several other kids that the 10-year-old was the antagonist. My son, Lucas, applied a “hip throw” knocked the boy to the ground, and placed him in a headlock until a parent who saw what happened intervened and broke up the altercation.

The 5th grader, who was breathing heavily and fighting back tears, then ran home after being embarrassed and did not come out of his home for two weeks. He has since apologized for his bullying tactics on several occasions. However, my son has elected not to continue a friendship with 10 year old who would bully an 8-year-old.

-Robert Manzanares -Father