Tae Kwon Do Code Of Honor

Code of Honor


  1. I will be loyal to God and Country.
  2. I will respect my parents and elders.
  3. I will be faithful to my spouse.
  4. I will respect my brothers and sisters.
  5. I will be loyal and sincere to my friends.
  6. I will respect my teachers.
  7. I will be loyal to my Do jang.
  8. I will finish what I begin.
  9. I will always set good examples for others.
  10. I will always represent American T.K.A. in a positive manner.
  11. I will never be disrespectful to instructors or high ranking belts.
  12. I will never break a trust.
  13. I will always be eager to learn.
  14. I will be diligent in my training.
  15. I will work to build a better world.