Muay Thai


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Muay Thai or “Thai Boxing” is a 1000 year old martial art which was developed on the battlefield. Muay Thai has developed into a ring sport and has recently become very popular in the United States.

You will learn and train to strike the body by using your fists, elbows, shins and knees. This is the reason why Muay Thai is sometimes called the science of eight limbs.
You will learn techniques that will give you self-confidence, because you will achieve the power of Thai Boxing safely while having a lot of fun Muay Thai sparring.


Philosophy of Muay Thai

muay thai templeTrain the body, mind, and heart. Physical conditioning is useless without developing concentration and dedication. Show patience and persistence with yourself and others. Develop speed as well as Muay Thai techniques. Show respect for your parents, teachers, community, and yourself. Be honest and courteous, and help others when you have an opportunity. Approach all situations with diligence and self-confidence. Contribute to unity and spirit of the Muay Thai brotherhood. Use common sense and intelligence when in a bad situation. Practicing good Muay Thai means resorting to fighting only as a last resort.

You will learn:

Effective hand-boxing sparring.
Devastating elbow techniques.
Power kicks, the trademark of the Thai boxing style.
Effective counter attacks and combinations.
Ring strategies.
Total body conditioning.
No Forms.
Adults Only (15 years and over).                 PRINT OUR REGISTRATION FORM